Children's Debit Cards

Each side allows for child’s name and spending or saving register. 
 Made of 100# card stock.  Dimensions:  3 3/8” x 2 1/8”

The Money-smart Kids Debit Card is recommended for children ages 10-18.  Each set of Ten (10) Debit Cards comes with easy instructions and suggestions for your success.  The Debit Card is  a standard bankcard, sized conveniently to fit in your wallet.   The Debit Card will help you teach your child to give regularly, to be responsible with the money that they have, and to learn to “wait” as they save for the future. 

If you have not used budgeting tools with your children prior to age 10, we recommend you start with the budget bank, rather than the debit card.  We recommend that you help your child obtain and learn the proper use of a checking account and a credit card between the ages of 16 and 18.

Set of Ten (10) Debit Cards is only $5.00, which includes tax and shipping. 
An investment that pays dividends in your child’s future. 


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